Innovative and sustainable solutions in textile chemicals.

ANTIBACKSTAIN TRIONonionicDenim backwash disperser.
TRIOPIL UNI CONC Acid cellulase enzyme.
TRIOPIL NE Neutral cellulase enzyme that can be used in the dyebath.
TRIOSTONE WG Concentrated stone washing enzyme that can work in cold and hot baths.
TRIOSIL DARKER Color deepener that does not change the touch of the fabric in the use of scarf
TRIOSOFT NY 100NonionicNonionic flake softener.
TRIOSOFT NYNonionicNonionic softener for cellulose, synthetics and their blends.
TRIOSOFT SSECationicConcentrated cationic softener in paste form.
TRIOSIL JET STBNonionic/Weak CationicSpecial nano-micro silicone that provides flexibility and surface lubricity for all kinds of fibers in the drawing process and can be worked in a suitable wide pH range.
TRIOSIL PURENonionic/AnionicHydrophilic Silicone softener
TRIOSIL AQUANonionicA hydrophilic silicone with very good stability and a very soft, plump and slippery touch.